AVFB stands for Animal & Vegetable Fats Broker..

We are specialists of brokerage in the market for animal fats and vegetable fats, used as raw material.  We trade about 50 000 to 60 000 Tons per year.  .

We act as an intermediary trade by linking buyer and seller to establish a contract.

Our experience over  20 year’s experience, combined with our proficiency in french, english, spanish and italian enable us to work throughout Europe.

In accordance  with the ethical code of the broker our role is not to buy or sell merchandise.

We will endeavour to fulfill your request, to help you enhance your products or find new new suppliers or customers.

We provide services in the following markets:

Food Feed Technical
Refined oils  Petfood

Cattle feed

Oleochemical, Soap industry, Fertilizers / Biodiesel.

Quality haulage :

With about a hundred haulier’ contact, we are able to provide a good haulage service, finding technical or food trucks all over Europe.

We’ll make our utmost to meet your requirements.

You can trust AVFB.